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Palani is a beautiful hill station, the hills of which are part of the oldest mountain range in India. The terrain is hillier than mountainous and is located in the eastern part of the Western Ghats. The hills are home to several nomadic Paliyan tribes. Palani gathers worldwide attention as a holy place and it is believed that Lord Murugan has settled here. The shrine of Palani Dhandayuthapani Swamy Murugan, popularly known as the Murugan Temple, can be found atop a hill. The Kurinji Andavar Temple, another popular religious attraction of the region, can also be seen from here.

Tourist Attractions
  • Palani Murugan Temple: The Palani Murugan Temple is a major attraction of Palani which can be reached by climbing around 670 steps, on the hilltop. There is also a Haulage Winch or a small rope train along with a rope car for travelling to the top of the hill.
  • Dhandayuthapani Temple: The Dhandayuthapani Temple is one of the sacred shrines of Lord Murugan, worshipped in the form of Kaumaram. It is Lord Murugan's Arupadai Veedu, the six battle camps, located on the Sivagiri Hill.
  • Palar Dam: Palar Dam, also known as the Palar Porundalar Dam, is built across the Palar and Porundalar rivers. It is around 10 km away from Palani and is used for irrigation.