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Kumbakonam is a sacrosanct spot known for its four huge sanctuaries devoted to Sarangapani, Kumbeswarar, Brahma and Nageswarar. Around Kumbakonam there are for the most part the Navagraha Temples (Planetary Temples). Planetary travel achieves change in specific individuals' prosperity and fortunes regardless. The adoring the planets, we get monstrous advantages. The venerating the planets, we get massive advantages. The lack is corrected. This gives us incredible alleviation, this is known as appeasement (DoshaPariharam).

The love of Navagrahas makes the planets that are in favorable circumstances offer expanded products of advantages for one's activities while the planets which possess less envious circumstances will in general eliminate the malicious impacts of an individual's karma. As indicated by the Hindu Philosophy each individual conceived is impacted by the vibrations of nine planets (Nava Grahas).

It is accepted that all great and awful things are because of the impacts of these nine planets. Every planet has its own vibration and has a different spot in every one of their sanctuaries. At the point when we visit these sanctuaries, we are spared from terrible things or occurrences, by the gifts of these planets. Subsequently, adoring the Nava Grahas is viewed as hallowed and basic as well.

Navagraha Temples

Planet Temple
Chandra (Moon) Thingaloor
Cheval (Mars) Vaitheeswaran Kovil
Budhan (Mercury) Thiruvenkadu
Guru (Jupiter) Alangudi
Sukran (Venus) Kanchanoor
Shani (Saturn) Tirunallar
Rahu Tirunageswaram
Ketu Keezhaperumpallam

Thingaloor (Moon)

Thingaloor is 22 kms from Kumbakonam. Thingaloor is the shrine where one prays for the health and prosperity of one’s mother. Kailasanatha bestows fame on the devotee and cures skin and eye problems. There is also a belief that near-fatal snake bites are cured if one visits here and prays to Kailasanatha and Chandra.

Alangudi Guru (Jupiter)

Alangudi Guru is a temple which is 36Km away from Thanjavur and it is dedicated to Lord Guru (Jupiter) where he is also called as Brihaspati. Students worship this lord for excelling in education, fine arts and wisdom. When Jupiter moves from one zodiac sign to another this temple is very famous and devotees visit this temple.

Thirunageshwaram (Raghu)

Thirunageshwaram temple is located 6Km from Kumbakonam which is in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu where it represents the Navagraha Ragu and so it is named as Rahu Sthalam and this temple is one of the temple dedicated to Rahu where the Navagrahas are believed to the transmitters of Universal energy or power.

Suriyanar Kovil (Sun)

Suriyanar Kovil is a temple which is 21 Km away from Swami Malai and 58Kms from Thanjavur and 15km from Kumbakonam where the temple is dedicated to Lord Suriyan (Sun). Pongal festival is celebrated as Harvest Festival and a thanks giving to Lord Suriyan over here. A river named Poolaivala is an added attraction to this temple.

Kanjanoor Sukkran (Venus)

Kanjanoorsukkran temple located 57Kms from Thanjavur on way to Mayiladuthurai and the temple is dedicated to Lord Sukran (Venus). Here Shiva is called as Agneeswarar (The god of fire) and the goodness is called Karpagambal. This temple is one of the famous temple for God Shiva and it is Shiva who himself took a position of Sukran here.

Vaitheeswaran Kovil (Mars)

Vaitheeswaran Temple is located nearly 45 Km away from Kumbakonam and this temple is also called as Pullirukkuvelur and this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as Lord Shiva is worshipped as the “God of Healing” and it is believed that prayers to this god will cure diseases and so he is known as God of Healing and devotees visit this temple for sure praying to lord and taking up the holy water of the SIddamirtham. This is one among the nine planets and it is associated with planet Mars.

Thiruvenkadu Bhudan (Mercury)

Thiruvenkadu Bhudan temple is located in the village of Thiruvenkadu which is near Poompuharand this temple is known for Lord Shiva and there is a separate statue of Lord Buddha. This temple is the 11 th known Shiva temple located in the northern bank of Cauvery River. This temple is quitter large and famous and it is known for the planet Mercury.


It is one of the Navagrahasthalas located in the Cauvery region which is known for the planet Ketu. People visit this temple and they pray to the lord for excellence in education and family prosperity.

Thirunallar (Saturn)

Thirunallar is located 90Km from Thanjavur and this temple is dedicated to Lord Saneeswaran which is Saturn where he occupies the most important and effective position in the Planet. It is believed that worshipping with god will be relived from the Curses, Ill spells and diseases. Nala Theertham is the holy tanks in temple which is very important where all devotees take a holy dip so that they get relived from Misfortunes and afflictions.